Monday, October 1, 2012

Trevor, Alyssa & Felicity

Taking these pictures of James' second cousin Alyssa, her husband Trevor and their six month cutie Felicity, was a total pleasure.
 It's a lot of fun taking pictures of happy people. :)
And to make it even better, I had the help of dedicated aunties, and Grandpa and Grandma helped to cheer little Felicity on.

The stunning threesome.

  Alyssa and Trevor

 Felicity isn't as much into kissing it would appear... :)

 Alyssa had some great ideas for poses and this was one of them. :) I love it when families are relaxed, and just have fun with trying different ideas.
 Look at that smile - what a darling!

 Seriously - I'm cute. :)
 Tiny toes...
So enjoyed the evening with you guys! Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful family.


  1. Great Pics Liz! Love watching as each session improves and improves! Keep up the good work dear!

  2. Marvelous! I loved this shoot. And that last picture....adorable.