Saturday, October 20, 2012

Henry & Heather's Family

Taking pictures of this family is always a fun experience.
Mostly, because I love 'em. A lot. (yes, I'm related)
And partly, because Heather puts time and energy into thinking about what their family will wear,
the girls get right into it, the boys don't mind, and even Emma, their cute dog matches the colors chosen.
To get 8 children, 2 parents and 1 dog to coordinate is amazing.
And Henry is a sport, and it's one of the only times I can really boss my big brother-in-law around. :)
I treasure those moments. :)
 Don't they look good. :)
 We had fun taking pictures on pretty piece of public property near their home, but we eventually were kicked off, saying it was private... well, we did leave. :)
But it was public, and that was the end of that spot... but on to another great spot - right across from their home. :)
 I told them to keep getting closer and closer to each other, as I took steps forward... and love how Nathan just kinda leans in, and Julia is worried about her curls. :) Such cuteness.
 And now for individual shots. Starting with the youngest, cause of course, they're the most important. :)
 Nathan - the deep thinker, busy little man that we love. :)
 Little Miss Independant and Cutie Pie all rolled up in one.
Julia - growing up so quickly.  
Micah - a cheerful worker and handsome guy.
 Caleb - sure appreciate his enthusiasm and love for life.
 Hendrik the oldest of the boys. He loves snakes and all manner of reptiles right now. Such a sweet sensitive young man.
Sweet Lydia. 
 Lydia is amazing with nails and such - fun to have someone who actually likes doing nails for you. :)
Rachel, the great cook, and practical woman.

 I have such pretty nieces...sigh...
 Hannah - eldest of the clan
 This young woman is a treasure. I can't wait to see how God is going to lead your life!
Daddy and his girls. 
Mom's little men. 
The guys. 
May you continue to grow up to be godly leaders. 
Pretty sisters. 
The two little cuties. 
Julia and Nathan. 
Henry and Heather...Henry said something cute, I'm sure. :)
 Another fun evening with you all. :) I loved it all.

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