Friday, May 16, 2014

New Website!

At long last, Liz Heikoop Photography blog, has now moved to

I have been planning on getting this site up for a long time now, hence the absentness from this blog for such an extended time. Thanks for your patience, and wonderings where I was - photography wise.

I'd love it if you'd continue to follow my photography journey there, and subscribe to the blog!!Thanks for your encouragement and support!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peyton Joy

This sweet babe is the newest little one in our church family. She belongs to Wesley and Breanna, and is a super blessed little girl. Meet Peyton Joy at a week old.

Tiny toes
Peyton had a whole darling collection of hats and headbands which we had a blast with.

Wishing for spring...
We all wish for a tutu like that to wear on the deary days of winter. :)

Huggin her mommy's old teddy bear... now there's new love for a stuffed friend.

And one more hat. :)
She just slept beautifully through most of the process. Just a couple nursings, and we were good to go.
The happy family.
Bre is such a great mom. I've always admired how well she loves and handles children, so being a mom now, she's going to do awesome!
Wes with his little girl.
And one to end off your day with a smile. :) The last picture - she was done. :)
But she did so well!
Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy your little girl!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Titus John

It's been a long time since I posted...but here we are at last.
And here is my darling nephew, Titus John who was born just before Christmas!
While we were visiting my family in Alberta over the holidays, I was able to take pictures of this cute little man - which was a true privilege for me.
Getting to see one of my "western" nieces or nephews that soon after birth is super rare!
So here he is, for you all to admire. :) (yes, I'm a proud auntie...of many)
 Titus John Fehr
Isn't he just perfect.
Squished little face.
Cuddled up and ready to go for another trip!
Titus had already spend a good part of his little life on the road, visiting family over Christmas, so we stuck him inside the suitcase. :)
Momma Lisa
This woman is an amazing woman.
I love watching how she mothers her 4 girls, and now her 1 son.
She exhibits such grace and sacrifice that I want to emulate with my little ones.
And a sweet kiss to close off the post.
{The end}

My Little Laura

On November 14th, 2012, our little girl was born.
Sharing her daddy's, and my elder sister's birthday.
After about a week and a half of little motivation to do nothing, but cuddle this precious gift
I finally got around to taking some pictures of her.
 Laura {Victory} Brielle {God is my might}
9 lbs. 13 oz.

 Perfect chubbyness

{sleeping babe = peace}

So thankful for this new treasure to enjoy, train and love.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jerrit and Julie's Family

It was neat being able to take some pictures of Julie's family for a change, as Julie has blessed my family with her photography skills. (she did our second wedding reception/photoshoot, here in Ontario after our honeymoon)
I've known Julie for about 5 years, and it's neat to see how God has guided our lives, and given us our own little families.
Darling threesome.
Jerrit, Julie and Lincoln.
Lincoln, smiling at his mommy and daddy.
Little Lincoln man.
He was born within a few days of our Erik - so they're little buddies.
(well, that's our plan anyways.:)

This picture was the last of the train tracks one, cause after I clicked this one, Julie said "train" and we all dashed off the tracks as a passenger train "honked" by... It kinda shocked we stayed away from the tracks. But they were such great sports, and Julie just laughed... :)
Mommy and her little boy.
Safe with daddy.

This little guy has such cute eyes.

A fun experiance with you three. :)
Thanks for asking Julie!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ben and Deanna's Family of 4

During the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (when our whole family was down in NY), I got a chance to take some pictures of Ben and Deanna with their two sons. :)
Hudson, was adorable, and Ben was awesome at making him smile, while still looking at the camera.
That dad knows how to do it!
Perfect little far!
Deanna looks incredible, I know. :) She is a tough act for this expectant momma to follow. :)

Reuben the babe - totally making life easy for his mom during pictures.
I just HAD to post this one!
This is Hudson, being super cute, and shows off his ADORABLE smile. :)
Kissing brother Reuben all by himself. :)
The Ben Heikoop family. :)