Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A couple weeks ago, I was able to take photos of "Advocate", a new music group, made up of seasoned gospel singers from the Simcoe area. I've known Jessie and her husband DW, for a few years, and truly enjoyed getting to know the other couple in their group, Matt and Marcy.
Everyone was super relaxed, and we just had a lot of fun.

 Jessie - one of the first gals I met here in Ontario, before starting to date James.
Now we're both married and have two little kids!
 Marcy - sweet mom to twin girls.
 Matt - Marcy's husband and one of the pastors at Immanuel in Simoce.
 DW - husband to Jessie, from the good ol' USA.

 The sweet couples.
Looking forward to seeing how God will use you guys, as you sing for His glory!