Monday, August 13, 2012

Hudson's One!

My cute & chubby nephew turned one last week.
A bunch of the family came over for supper, treats and to watch Hudson experience a lot of sugar- thanks to a cake smash. :)

At first, Mr. Adorable didn't even care about the cake in front of him...the balloons are way more fun. 
But, after Auntie Nel put his hand in the icing, and put it to his mouth, he was good to go! 
{Hands full of sweetness} 

This darling lil' family is expecting their second in less than 2 months!
We're so excited to meet the newest member, and get another cousin.  

 Look who's big!
 Yummy cupcakes, made by Deanna.
Those eyes are just heart-melter's...
Happy Birthday Hudson!