Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jerrit and Julie's Family

It was neat being able to take some pictures of Julie's family for a change, as Julie has blessed my family with her photography skills. (she did our second wedding reception/photoshoot, here in Ontario after our honeymoon)
I've known Julie for about 5 years, and it's neat to see how God has guided our lives, and given us our own little families.
Darling threesome.
Jerrit, Julie and Lincoln.
Lincoln, smiling at his mommy and daddy.
Little Lincoln man.
He was born within a few days of our Erik - so they're little buddies.
(well, that's our plan anyways.:)

This picture was the last of the train tracks one, cause after I clicked this one, Julie said "train" and we all dashed off the tracks as a passenger train "honked" by... It kinda shocked us...so we stayed away from the tracks. But they were such great sports, and Julie just laughed... :)
Mommy and her little boy.
Safe with daddy.

This little guy has such cute eyes.

A fun experiance with you three. :)
Thanks for asking Julie!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ben and Deanna's Family of 4

During the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (when our whole family was down in NY), I got a chance to take some pictures of Ben and Deanna with their two sons. :)
Hudson, was adorable, and Ben was awesome at making him smile, while still looking at the camera.
That dad knows how to do it!
Perfect little family...so far!
Deanna looks incredible, I know. :) She is a tough act for this expectant momma to follow. :)

Reuben the babe - totally making life easy for his mom during pictures.
I just HAD to post this one!
This is Hudson, being super cute, and shows off his ADORABLE smile. :)
Kissing brother Reuben all by himself. :)
The Ben Heikoop family. :)

Reuben James

My little nephews came over to get a few "newborn" shots a few weeks ago.
He is already fast growing out of being a newborn, and being just a cute baby. :)
Kinda looking like daddy. :)  
(I know, Ben...intelligent and handsome...)
Muscle man.

Perfection in the toes.
Cuddled up...one of the few moments we had with him sleeping!
Something about Heikoop babies - they don't sleep when I take their pictures. :)
But at least we got a few, before the light faded, and in between his hungry moments.
Looking forward to seeing this boy grow up!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mark & Michelle's Family

Here's some more "autumn" pictures of another dear family,
Mark and Michelle and their three boys.
I loved the boys sweaters. :)

Joshua wasn't too thrilled about going upside down, but mom and dad were good sports!
Swinging the baby!
They put up with such terrible bugs in the field...thanks guys. :) You boys were troopers!
Michelle and Mark
"Let's Tickle Daddy"...which I don't think Mark particularly liked!
It was fun regardless. :)
Matthew, Joshua and Martin - the three boys - such cuties.
Daddy and Joshua.
{Such Delight}
I loved this shot of the two of them.

Mom and the baby of the family.
Just look at his chocolate eyes...yummyness.

{Sweet love}
Thanks for having me take your pictures and for the lovely dinner after. :)
(there are some lovely extra perks when taking pictures!)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Henry & Heather's Family

Taking pictures of this family is always a fun experience.
Mostly, because I love 'em. A lot. (yes, I'm related)
And partly, because Heather puts time and energy into thinking about what their family will wear,
the girls get right into it, the boys don't mind, and even Emma, their cute dog matches the colors chosen.
To get 8 children, 2 parents and 1 dog to coordinate is amazing.
And Henry is a sport, and it's one of the only times I can really boss my big brother-in-law around. :)
I treasure those moments. :)
 Don't they look good. :)
 We had fun taking pictures on pretty piece of public property near their home, but we eventually were kicked off, saying it was private... well, we did leave. :)
But it was public, and that was the end of that spot... but on to another great spot - right across from their home. :)
 I told them to keep getting closer and closer to each other, as I took steps forward... and love how Nathan just kinda leans in, and Julia is worried about her curls. :) Such cuteness.
 And now for individual shots. Starting with the youngest, cause of course, they're the most important. :)
 Nathan - the deep thinker, busy little man that we love. :)
 Little Miss Independant and Cutie Pie all rolled up in one.
Julia - growing up so quickly.  
Micah - a cheerful worker and handsome guy.
 Caleb - sure appreciate his enthusiasm and love for life.
 Hendrik the oldest of the boys. He loves snakes and all manner of reptiles right now. Such a sweet sensitive young man.
Sweet Lydia. 
 Lydia is amazing with nails and such - fun to have someone who actually likes doing nails for you. :)
Rachel, the great cook, and practical woman.

 I have such pretty nieces...sigh...
 Hannah - eldest of the clan
 This young woman is a treasure. I can't wait to see how God is going to lead your life!
Daddy and his girls. 
Mom's little men. 
The guys. 
May you continue to grow up to be godly leaders. 
Pretty sisters. 
The two little cuties. 
Julia and Nathan. 
Henry and Heather...Henry said something cute, I'm sure. :)
 Another fun evening with you all. :) I loved it all.