Saturday, October 20, 2012

John & Jennifer's Family

Jennifer contacted me through a mutual friend, wanting me to take her twins 10-year old photos.
You know me. I love twins. :) Of course, I'll take them! 
So, a few weeks later, James took me to their home, where we got some sibling shots, and a few family pictures in their backyard.
 John, Jennifer, and their two children, Jared & Jeanine.
 Getting Jared to laugh was no problem at all, with our friend Erica working her magic behind me. :)
Of course, that usually made everyone laugh too.
Brother and Sister
 I do think twins have it good. :) That special bond with the other is amazing.
 Jared and his smile
 Jeanine has such a beautiful smile
And the happy parents!
Thank-you guys for letting me get to know your family a bit!

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