Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mark & Michelle's Family

Here's some more "autumn" pictures of another dear family,
Mark and Michelle and their three boys.
I loved the boys sweaters. :)

Joshua wasn't too thrilled about going upside down, but mom and dad were good sports!
Swinging the baby!
They put up with such terrible bugs in the field...thanks guys. :) You boys were troopers!
Michelle and Mark
"Let's Tickle Daddy"...which I don't think Mark particularly liked!
It was fun regardless. :)
Matthew, Joshua and Martin - the three boys - such cuties.
Daddy and Joshua.
{Such Delight}
I loved this shot of the two of them.

Mom and the baby of the family.
Just look at his chocolate eyes...yummyness.

{Sweet love}
Thanks for having me take your pictures and for the lovely dinner after. :)
(there are some lovely extra perks when taking pictures!)

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