Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peyton Joy

This sweet babe is the newest little one in our church family. She belongs to Wesley and Breanna, and is a super blessed little girl. Meet Peyton Joy at a week old.

Tiny toes
Peyton had a whole darling collection of hats and headbands which we had a blast with.

Wishing for spring...
We all wish for a tutu like that to wear on the deary days of winter. :)

Huggin her mommy's old teddy bear... now there's new love for a stuffed friend.

And one more hat. :)
She just slept beautifully through most of the process. Just a couple nursings, and we were good to go.
The happy family.
Bre is such a great mom. I've always admired how well she loves and handles children, so being a mom now, she's going to do awesome!
Wes with his little girl.
And one to end off your day with a smile. :) The last picture - she was done. :)
But she did so well!
Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy your little girl!