Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ben and Deanna's Family of 4

During the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (when our whole family was down in NY), I got a chance to take some pictures of Ben and Deanna with their two sons. :)
Hudson, was adorable, and Ben was awesome at making him smile, while still looking at the camera.
That dad knows how to do it!
Perfect little far!
Deanna looks incredible, I know. :) She is a tough act for this expectant momma to follow. :)

Reuben the babe - totally making life easy for his mom during pictures.
I just HAD to post this one!
This is Hudson, being super cute, and shows off his ADORABLE smile. :)
Kissing brother Reuben all by himself. :)
The Ben Heikoop family. :)

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