Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sugar and Spice {Newborn Twins}

I was so excited to hear when Kelli announced, that she and Andrew were having twins!
(and, a little jealous, in a sweet way of course. :)
And I was excited (and nervous) when she asked if I'd take some pictures for them after their darlings were born. So after the twin girls were born, 10 days later, I went over to their home to get some shots of their family. We did have fun, and I must say, these are the first babies I've got to shoot, that acutally sleep like newborns are supposed to! :) Good grief, they are so flexible, and posed beautifully. Makes me excited to practice newborn photography on our own baby in November Lord-willing.
The whole family.
Three, 22 months and under! 
Kelli and Andrew  
Kelli - one of those amazing, relaxed mothers.
All twins should be born to mom's like her. :) Takes it as it comes, doesn't overthink the presures or potential issues of having three little ones, but tackles each situation cheerfully. :)  
Andrew - great dad. He's one of James' cousins. So handy to have family that has twins for you to enjoy.
 Big brother.
Logan the cute. :)
He showed me his sandbox, before pictures, and tried to get his white shirt dirty before pictures, like all true boys should. :) He'll be a good big brother to his little sisters. 
Now, I tried to keep the girls straight, but that was a challenge at times. :)
Kelli was great to remind me which baby we had already photographed.
But I think this is Kristyn - the youngest. :)
She was such a dolly, and slept the most. 
Kailyn - she had pink painted toes to remind everyone that she was the eldest. :)  

Such little fingers. 
Andrew's mom, made these adorable hats and diaper covers.
Kailyn always wore the white hat, and pink flower, and Kristyn wore the pink hat and white flower. (and the diaper covers were opposite) 

Such perfectness. 

Couldn't decide which look I like better.... :) 

Kailyn wasn't as impressed about hugging, but with mommy's soothing, she cooperated for a few shots. :) May they always be close.  
Thanks Andrew & Kelli for letting me get to know your little family more.
Have fun with three!!

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