Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some of My Favorite People...

In June, while visiting my family in Alberta, I had the delight of taking my brother and sister-in-love's family pictures. It was fun, and the children did so well, putting up with their auntie's antic's. Everything went well, as long as there was an endless supply of raisins. :)
Not sure why blogger is making the quality of pictures not as good...sorry.
But anyways, here are the photos.
Of my dear family.

Little Ethan - careful, quiet - well sorta :) - and cute.
Karina - such a sweet, sensitive and smart gal.
In Daddy's arms
Daniel - the boy whose heart is captured by farm life. Tractors are his best friend. 

Daniel's smirk is adorable... 

 One of my favorite shots - and don't worry - Ethan was totally safe. Andrew is super careful with his children - one of the most cautious men I know. :)
Then just some couple shots of the two lovelys

Sigh - aren't they sweet. :)
Well there you go. :) Thanks for looking!
{and there will be some newborn twin shots up soon!}


  1. Great job Lizzie!!!! And super great family - lots of laughs when you visit them!

  2. I love the family shots of Rebecca and Andrew! Especially the one where Andrew is holding Ethan like a chicken-classic!