Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Titus John

It's been a long time since I posted...but here we are at last.
And here is my darling nephew, Titus John who was born just before Christmas!
While we were visiting my family in Alberta over the holidays, I was able to take pictures of this cute little man - which was a true privilege for me.
Getting to see one of my "western" nieces or nephews that soon after birth is super rare!
So here he is, for you all to admire. :) (yes, I'm a proud auntie...of many)
 Titus John Fehr
Isn't he just perfect.
Squished little face.
Cuddled up and ready to go for another trip!
Titus had already spend a good part of his little life on the road, visiting family over Christmas, so we stuck him inside the suitcase. :)
Momma Lisa
This woman is an amazing woman.
I love watching how she mothers her 4 girls, and now her 1 son.
She exhibits such grace and sacrifice that I want to emulate with my little ones.
And a sweet kiss to close off the post.
{The end}

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