Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Manitoba Family

During the Christmas/New Year Holidays, we did a quick family shoot with my brother and sister-in-law from Manitoba.
It was one of those dreary days, so we tried doing it inside first, before doing a quickie outside. 
 The family
{ Sibling love}
 Beautiful Andrea - she makes great pizza. :)
 Ryan - an endearing guy with a good voice & love for singing.
 Sweet Valerie - loves Polly Pockets and Dress-up. She's great with younger children.
 Ivan - a boy with a sensitive heart. I really appreciated seeing his caring and thoughtful ways.
 Nevin - the little man. He's a smart boy, and good at decorating cookies. :)
 Benjamin - one of those heart-breaker little boys. :) (I'm his aunt; I can say that)
 Jordan - the baby, but makes up for the being the littlest, by his size! He's a cutie.
 The whole family

Marlene and Marvin.
Sure love this couple. I'm truly blessed to be given such godly extended family. Watching them train their children, and serve the other was inspiring.
Til next time! (and hopefully we can take some pictures on a warmer day in the future!)

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